How do I make a booking for my child / children?

All bookings must be made through our on line booking form, which can be found on the websites front page, click on BOOK NOW and fill in the relevant form

I have several children who would like to attend camp do I have to fill in a separate form for each child?

Yes it is very important we have a separate form for each child , this is to ensure we have all personal medical details and contact details for each child

How will I know my booking has been successful?

You will receive a confirmation email which will confirm all the dates booked, your payment method and all relevant camp information

I have not received any confirmation email?

The confirmation email can sometimes be in your junk / spam email, please check this first, if you still have not received a confirmation email, please email or call to confirm your booking

How do I know if the camp has any spaces left?

We will do our best to accommodate as many campers as possible, therefore rather than having limited spaces we will increase our teachers to accommodate, however if we are oversubscribed the specific date will be removed from the booking form

Can I book individual days?

Yes you can book individual days, click on the BOOK NOW form and you will be given the option to select individual days

Do I have to pre book wrap around care?

Pre booking wrap around care is always recommended, however we appreciate this is always not possible, therefore wraparound care can be paid for on a daily basis

I have forgotten my password

Request a password reset on the forgotten password page. Enter your email address and follow the instructions to reset your password

If I made a booking and I am paying by cash, when do I pay?

Payment is required on the 1st day of the camp, this can be paid when you sign in your child / children

If I am paying by BACS, when does the payment need to be made?

The BACS payment is to be made prior to the 1st day of your Childs camp

I have called the mobile number and left a voicemail and as yet received no call back

The mobile number is not manned 24/7, we will return your call ASAP , this will usually be in the evening or  at a week end, or alternatively send a TX message